Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012

Crying Stone (legend)

Once, in a remote village area of West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Stay an old widow with a beautiful daughter named Darmi. They lived in an old shack located at the end of the village, since the father Darmi died and left no estate at all their life to be hard to finally make a mother Darmi should be wage laborers in the fields of others. While Darmi?, He is a lazy spoiled girl, his job and dressing mirror just to add to her beauty. Each of the mother asked her to go to the field he always refused. Every mother returned to work Darmi always the mother's wage bill to buy equipment for her dress. That day-to-day running of the mother who worked hard and the child who will not help that her mother has always enjoyed the work. On a day when his mother wanted to go to the market Darmi advised to buy an instrument of beauty, but because his mother did not know the beauty tools that he meant, his mother finally took Darmi come to market, Darmi initially refused but eventually he too had to be willing, even asked her mother not willing Darmi walking at his side but behind him because he was ashamed of having an older mother and a mess. Although sad mother still willing, on the way Darmi met with his friend, his friend asked him who the old lady behind him and Darmi said it was his maid. Shortly after that Darmi meet others and ask the same question, he replied that it aides. Her mother kept her grief, the mother finally stopped and sat on the roadside. Darmi approached her and asked why she stopped, but the mother did not answer, it turns out his mother asked the gods to give to his son's punishment, the sky turned cloudy, lightning, and thunder rumbled. Heavy rain fell, slowly Darmi body turned to stone, before the whole body turned to stone he wept and begged her mother Sorry, but all that has happened can not be returned again. Stone rose in place at the curb against the cliffs and the rock is called Stone Crying by local people. Mandate: 1. Do we disobey our parents 2. Any action there must be accountability

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